MTA Awarded Spirit of the Earth Award June 21, 2011

MTA OfficeThe Spirit of the Earth Awards promotes environmental awareness while recognizing he culture and history of Aboriginal people. The Spirit of the Earth Awards recognize individuals, groups or organizations whose environmental activity has been planned or implemented by Aboriginal people, or non-Aboriginal people working in partnership with Aboriginal communities.


The Manitoba Trappers Association received a 2011 award for their support of the MTA OfficeThompson Fur Table. The Fur Table was initiated in the late 1970’s by provincial staff and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada to provide northern trappers with a unique opportunity to obtain better prices for their raw pelts. Oswald Hudson was responsible for establishing the fur table, and this event is the legacy of his commitment to improve trapping for the benefit of all resource users.


The December Fur Table is now organized by the MTA and is the only such event in Canada. It continues to be an important opportunity for northern trappers to sell their fur. Our association, with the support of Manitoba Conservation is pleased to be a part of this tradition.


In his acceptance speech President Ron Spence noted that he was raised on the land by his grandparents and hunting, fishing and trapping has always played an important part in his life. He noted that trappers continue to be the stewards of the land.


We congratulate all the deserving recipients of the 2011 awards, especially the Frontier Fiddlers. It was noted that The Frontier Fiddlers started in 1995 at Disbrowe School, Red Sucker Lake with only 6 students. From that time their ranks have swelled tremendously throughout many northern communities, and their popularity continues to grow.

Manitoba Wildlife Federation and the Manitoba Trappers Association Sign Memorandum of Cooperation


Manitoba Wildlife Federation and the Manitoba Trappers Association Sign Memorandum of CooperationThe signing of this memorandum took place at historic Fort Gibraltar on June 10, 2011. The evening reception was part of the itinerary of the Fur Institute of Canada’s Annual General Meeting in Winnipeg.


The Fur Institute of Canada represents the interests of Canadians actively involved in the fur industry and wildlife conservation. The membership is comprised of a network of organizations, businesses and individuals throughout Canada and beyond.


Reid Wood, President of Mb Wildlife Federation and Ron D. Spence, President of Mb Trappers Association were joined by Ken MacMaster, A Vice President of the MWF and Stuart Jansson, MTA Zone Director for the signing. Vice President Chris Heald of the MWF and several Executive members of the MTA were also present.


Ron, in addition to being President of MTA, representing the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation, and Stu Jansson as a trapper organization representative, are both elected board members of the FIC.


Ken Macmaster and Stu Jansson were instrumental in developing the draft content of the memorandum. Ken noted prior to the signing that the Memorandum is an expression of the intent of the two groups to work together to promote many common goals including promoting safety, fish and wildlife conservation; species management; habitat management; fishing hunting and trapping promotion; education; and communications, and other areas agreed as being of mutual benefit.


File: june 2011 memorandum mta & mwf